11 September 2014

Why I am No Longer Concerned What I Eat or Wear

Writing this I think back upon 5 years of my past.  I lived in NY.  I was not from Montana and I was married.  I challenged many things, and I was happy.  Happy to be married to such a beautiful person who promised me security and happiness - for better or for worse.

When 'worse' happened by her estimation, she got gone.  People call it the big "D" ~ stupid thing to say, unless you are apart of the culture of today.  If you are not, you call it "Drought".  Drought of reason, promise, happiness or hope.  Contract vs. conduct of the one who breaks a 'Vow'.

Shattered & broken ~ I got gone, geographically that is, I moved to Montana.  Leaving it all to her, if she wanted it, surely she did not like the dog as she said 'give it to the 'pound', good thing we did not have children as she would have fostered them to adoption. I drove across the pond as I put it, or Bozeman, MT.  Left job, career and family.  All destroyed by the grenade hand of her Big "D".

The dog, Digger - he's still with me.  Nine years old now, showing some age in the past year.  He has a Viszla companion now - nine month old Viszla (female) named Aspen, adopted from the local shelter here in Bozeman where I volunteer.

I've begun new studies at MSU Campus this year, Nutrition: Sustainable Food Systems & Bio-Energy.  I now hold land here, apart from my home and am working on a small off grid cabin in which to retire to ....... life is good.

I have learned this through the scripture in Job 6:10.  Today, I do not worry for the worst a person can inflict upon another has been done to me today, short of the removal of my physical life.  Life is so much more than this though, for the wise, it is eternal.   


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