20 September 2014


Things have changed.  Here it is Summers Pass.  A name-place, by Native American account.  It is place as much as it is summer.   I reside only to see the spring.   I have come to love again.  This is dangerous as it is exciting.

Mr. Montana my friends East call me, my students call me Mr. Holtzman.  I am Scott.  My name-place resides on 10.2 acres of Montana land in the Three Forks area.  I do not hunt, I garden.  I am mostly interested in plants.  I'll take a fish if I am able, and have the right permit.  I do not 'game' yet I have had several proteins placed before me.

I am a Chef now.  It's my Master Status.  I did not even consider my title before moving here, people ask about ascribed or assigned - think I was given this, in part, I perfected my craft by Fire.


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