03 September 2007

Cow Pot

No we're not suggesting anything illegal here on the Agrarian Plowshare. This product comes from Freund's Farm an idea that much like Herrick's invention of the granola bar makes me say "Why did I think of that!". Now before you ask the myriad of questions - no they don't stink, yes you can handle them - and yes they do from a strictly non scientific testing perspective seem to work quite well. Having acquired one of these over the weekend at my fathers house, I gave it the perfunctory sniff & feel, sorry if you want to know how they taste you'll have to get your own and try.

As to their effectiveness, judging from the thick high stalks of several robust tomato plants grown side by side with tomato plants not rooted in the pots the difference is visual and obvious. Now it doesn't surprise me (and should not you) that things grown in good aged manure will grow well, that's a given. Kind of like saying a bottle of water quenches your thirst. The containment of the root base to the source of nutrients may have a more positive effect in concentrating the nutrients, uneducated application to thought here but seems plausible.

I don't think I'd be planting an entire row of these things, as the input factor would be tremendous, but for the small gardener it just might supply a backyard bonanza for next summer's harvest. Something to consider. I am going to give my own independent test here at home with the one acquired from my dad and give it a grow light application next to several test plants to see how it performs. Until next time..................Regards.


At 5:32 AM, Anonymous Gill said...

I too think that you must give it a test try. But personally I feel this natural manure is better than artificial manure. But artificial manure has a drastic effect on human health on the long run.

At 7:14 AM, Blogger William Cross said...

Amazing idea. I will definately have to give cow pots a try. And I agree, it's one of those "why didn't I think of that" things. So clever its funny.


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