25 August 2007

This Old House, Part II

One would think that after such a long absence I might have a nice agrarian dream photo to post here........(well I do, but that's is for another day) After several months of dislocation and a protracted attempt at brokering a deal to sell our residence in Catskill, NY we are about settled here in upstate NY (a bit farther north) in Gloversville, NY.

Brooke, I and "Digger" moved north and a tad bit westward to be closer to the area in which we hope to acquire land and make our "Final Stand" if you will for a time. Till such time as the land deal is brokered we reside in this modest abode here in Gloversville, NY having sold just before this nationwide 'pandemic' of sorts struck the housing market. One might say it felt like walking our of a burning building and tossing the keys to the fire marshal on the way out!

Without deviling into particulars we were of good fortune enough to purchase this home for less than the cost of a what many Americans would pay in today's market for a new automobile. Thus we have the ability to increase our savings to purchase some well sought after 'Genuine Cow Pastured Farmland'. Lord Willing.

Now with a new cable modem connections (sans the cable channels I.E. Boob Tube) hopefully I can get back at this journal of sorts. Though I have to admit the old melon is a tad bit rusty as of late. Most of what I've been writing has be financially related to the markets and company assets. Which after "nailing" this housing crisis catastrophe to the barn side back in 2006. I would summarize my financial investment recommendations for 2008 in two words: Buy Gold!

I look forward to "catching up" with allot of the familiar folks and the myriad of posts I have missed as well I am interested to see what new faces have joined the agrarian bandwagon in my absence.

I already got my first chuckle & grin as I read the writings of "The Maggot Guru" and his unique perspective on FREE Chicken Feed. Regards.


At 2:43 AM, Blogger Herrick Kimball said...

Hi Scott,

It's nice to have you back. I have been wondering about you. Glad to know everything is okay and that you are making progress.

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Best wishes.


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