08 March 2006



Sometimes (just for fun) I like to take a look around at things ‘
making news’ in the world these days. It’s a feeling similar to driving down a country road on a moonless night at 85 miles an hour with the headlights off and the seatbelt unbuckled. Not that I’ve done that, but that is the best word picture I can ascribe to that heart racing experiences of the infamous quote ~ “To Hell in a Hand Basket” feeling as I look around.

Word of Caution: Buckle Up! It’s a bumpy ride…….

Spread Fears

Related Bird Flu issues, now they may ‘korrect’ this at some future point, but the initial paragraph line was “Spread fears”, I believe it was suppose to say, “Fears Spread”. Freudian slips do come out, intended or unintended in media new coverage.

Why Iran is NEXT

What really ‘fuels’ the rhetoric of pundit pushes amongst nuclear threats & warnings, is NOT oil per say, but that which the oil is purchased. As someone once put it, “It’s the economy stupid!”

In this case, its’ economics, and no, I won’t be calling anyone stupid. After all Forrest Gump (Fictional Character) said, “Stupid is as stupid does”, let’s hope the US Powers that be, watched that one and are smarter than a matchstick set to strike.

Money 101

An interesting blog article on the oil and economic issues of the American Dollar; Here.

Overt Media Manipulation Anyone?

Click Here, for “The most powerful weapon in the world” As stated on their homepage; search around this site ~ it gets real scary.

Well as one Media Anchor put it in times past, “That’s the News”.

Editor’s Note: The above articles were not posted to scare the daylights out of you or to instill fear in the general populace. If you take anything away from these listings, let it be that knowledge is something not easily taken away, but ignorance is distributed freely. Avoid ignorance; you pay for what you get, caveat emptor. Regards.


At 3:38 PM, Anonymous Scott Terry said...

Hey Scott

Good stuff, as always. I first read about the Iran-euro-oil connection in a recent issue of the New American. And Wow, it really makes sense when you start putting the pieces together.

At 9:49 AM, Blogger Walter Jeffries said...

Re: "Not that I’ve done that"

Dang, so that was your car we pealed off the back of the logging skidder... :)

At 4:46 AM, Blogger Mary Ann said...

I got here via your comment at How Many Miles from Babylon. Thanks for your links to Economy in Crisis and Global Research.

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