08 February 2006

Bread Circuses


Offerings, such as benefits or entertainments, intended to placate discontent or distract attention from a policy or situation.

Bread and circuses became the method that the ruling class of ancient Rome used to maintain their power and control of the people. This method kept their sheep fat and happy, even as they fleeced them and sent them off to plunder, I mean protect, the free world.

The circuses have changed from the gladiator contests live in the coliseum, to the good vs. evil games on our modern televisions. No longer do we need to leave our homes to watch the games in person, as they are delivered to our homes in full color and surround sound, if one is so fortunate a plasma screen, 56 inches of faith.

Every four years the power brokers of politics put on an audience interactive game, where (in theory) the sheep have a chance to direct the path of government and decide who will be their master for the next four years. This guise is referred to as a Democratic Election, when in truth it is nothing more than smoke and mirrors, a former shadow of its original self.

It is all a big prearranged chess game, and the moves are carefully planned. As with the citizens of Roman, the sheep have become more interested in the game itself than their own freedom. In these modern times, a football game draws more attention than a protest against an illegal war, where our children are being slaughtered for dubious objectives and false pretense. Give a 19 single mother a WIC Card and you’ve won her for life – “Don’t worry kid, the first one's free…” Big daddy government enslaves another economic labor unit in the post-industrial service economy and its progeny without the use of force.

Ancient Rome has fallen and been replaced by the power brokers in Washington who control the nation state in fascist fashion, but the game is the same: keep the sheep fat, happy, and stupid as you send them off to die for the enrichment of the State. Our next scheduled conflict coming to a theater of operation near you, the title of our made for the movies blockbuster “I Ran”. There seems to be no greater honor than sacrifice for the State, as long as it is someone else’s son or daughter.

Nothing has changed in 2,000 years, and nothing will change in the future. The sheep are stupid and will never see the boot on their face, as they are too busy watching the games. As long as the State never attempts to take away their football or beer, the mind-controlled sheep will continue to be content.

It is time for those who can see and feel the boot to choose a path that will end their slavery. It is time to leave. Although some will undoubtedly be labeled traitors and un-American for leaving the “protection” of the police state and the confinement camps of the cities, it is the only possible option. Pay off your debt is a Godly endeavor. Release ones mouth from the suckling teat of the new Ano-Roman rule is another.

As one put it “Get Small” as another said, “Simplify everything a person can.” “Pack light and learn to carry your own water”, that translated means be prepared and learn to do for yourself rather than depend on others to provide for your family. Carry the gracious gift of God and the hope of eternity in your hearts, that neither man nor government can take away. As well, pray and with fervor, for the government that oppresses you, for wisdom and discernment, for the safety amidst the storms and trials that follow.

Know contentment and be satisfied with that which is earned as Godly gain, give generously to those who lack or are in need. A helping hand is a hand up not a hand out. For who could refuse someone who walking by the way sees his neighbor in a ditch saying “lend me your hand, help me out of this hole!”, and walk by to the other side and ignore his plea? Yet refrain from seeking to save that one who has found his “rut in life” and furnished, for when you say “neighbor let me help you from that hole your in” will he not strike your hand and curse you? Saying, “ I am well satisfied and my soul is fat and fulfilled. Why do you bother me?” This is the crux of wisdom and the root of the verse in Matthew.

These are wondrous days, upon the earth we walk on, so much to do, learn about and laugh. Never loose sight of objectives, and never grow weary in doing well. May the Lord greet you and keep you.


At 11:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Scott!

I enjoyed and appreciated reading your post! I've felt so all alone with thoughts similar to yours. It is very encouraging to find a number of people scattered around the country blowing there trumpets and crying out the warning of the approaching enemy.

May the love of Christ shine brightly in this darkness!

At 12:48 PM, Blogger Emily said...

Great post, Scott, and one that echoes our family's sentiments. I've heard citizens of the USA referred to as "government serfs" and thought how appropriate a description of a people who have been so trained into dependency on the state teat that they cannot wean themselves off it. Thanks be to God for the vision He has given us. Even as we live separate and apart, called by His name, we can give our neighbors a hand up, as you describe. It is indeed a wondrous time to be doing His work, our eyes on the prize, running the race with joy and anticipation.


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