26 January 2006

Got Milk?

I ’ L L T A K E M Y S T A N D


The trouble is that already science has rubbed the bottle too many times. Forgetting in its hasty greed to put the stopper in, it has let the genius out. But the resumption by the farmer of his place of power in the present order is considered remote. Just what political pressure he will be able to bring upon the Republicans to better his lot is, at the moment, unknown. Accepting the most pessimistic view, the continued supremacy of this imperialism and his continued dependency upon it, his natural enemy, the wealth-warrior who stands upon the bridge of high tariff and demands tribute, he is left to decide upon immediate private tactics. How is the man who is still living on the land, and who lives there because he prefers its life to any other, going to defend himself against this industrial imperialism and its destructive technology.

If I had not know, I would have thought this was written 7 days ago, not 70 plus years. This was an all to interesting essay written by Andrew Nelson Lytle. In reading this over the past couple of days it has rendered me silent in contemplation.

The articles regarding GM Soy, NAIS-ty, and their ilk are the fruit of the seeds sown when this author took pen to paper and wrote these words. In it lays the answer to “What’s a person suppose to do?” if carefully studied and scrutinized.

Food for thought in up coming difficult times………………………..


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