27 January 2006


Future Goal

As I’ve written about in the past an appropriate mental picture (See: Dream) is necessary for achieving ones goals. The closer you can get to visualizing that which you seek to attain is of great benefit. I came across this picture in an Australian Gourmet Food Publication. We were spending the evening with some friends who will be opening an Italian Café in Rhinebeck, NY and they are working out the menu details. I came along with my wife as the “unofficial” taste tester and general nuisance in the test kitchen.

If a picture is worth a thousand words (as some have said) this is worth several thousand to me. If I were to have a better visual goal to frame in my office I think this is it. A reminder to me as to what I am striving toward. Obviously not in layout: but in concept.

I have been doing some more research on NAIS and came across an article, which I think, gives a proper overview of it. Mary Zanoni, Ph.D., the author seems generally PRO-Farm and spearheading some positive press in getting people aware. I hope to be obtaining additional information from her soon. You can listen in on some of discussion here:

Mark on the Beast (Part I)

Mark on the Beast (Part II) *See NOTE at bottom of post

These are MP3 radio discussions, which may be of interest to some. The site MetroFarm host the radio show “Food Chain”. I’ve not review the site other than to listen in on the discussions. The NAIS guy John seems like a real shill!

Take a look, take a listen and let me know your thoughts. I’d be interested.

Note: The second half (Part II) on the web site had a link to Part I (Duplicated) I emailed the site author to see if they can correct the technical glitch. For the time being click here for the "Gospel of Grass",an enjoyable dicussion from Alan Nation, Publisher, The Stockman Grass Farmer.

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