11 January 2006



"The decline of literature indicates the decline of a nation."

~Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (1749 - 1832)

Here’s an excerpt:

Home Government ---- It’s Importance.
B.F. Booth

The Importance of sacredly guarding the family relation can not be well overestimated. It is the foundation-stone of all that is good and pure both in civilization and religion. Take this away, and the whole fabric must topple and fall. The first government on earth was patriarchal, and in it was contained the inception of all civil authority; and, indeed, all rightful civil government to the present day is only an enlarged form of family government in a representative form, taking into consideration the wants and necessities of each individual family within its jurisdiction. The unity and perpetuity of the family tie in purity and peace is the only safeguard to national perpetuity, peace, and honor. Demoralize the family and you thereby destroy both domestic and national happiness, and undermine completely the temple of virtue and hope, and prepare the way of moral and civil desolation. The first impulse of patriotism and morality is germinated, nurtured, and largely if not entirely developed in the family circle.

It is here that the first fruits of everything, which is good and pure, are brought forth. Hence the nations that disregard the sacredness of this relation have no permanent forms of government, and anything like common morality is nowhere to be found among them. And it is also worthy of careful note that just so far as any people depart from the true form of the family tie, just in that same ratio do they give evidence of it in their civility and morality. It is therefore within the family circle that the star of hope, of religion and civil rights is to be seen, and let it go down and all would be turned into the dismal darkness of midnight without moon or star to guide the weary pilgrim on his way. This spot is to be guarded as the tree of life, with the flaming sword turning either way perpetually guarantying thus the most sacred bond of union and strength and the only remaining institution of man’s primeval state. There may be, and doubtless are, numerous abuses of the marriage state; but that does not argue against its importance, neither does it detract from its absolute value and necessity.

The family circle may be - ought to be – the most charming and delightful place on earth, the center of the purest affections and most desirable associations as well as the most attractive and exalted beauties to be found this side of paradise. Nothing can exceed in beauty and sublimity the quietude, peace, harmony, affection, and happiness of a well-ordered family, where virtue is nurtured and every good principle fostered and sustained. From the well-ordered homes in this great and good statesman to come, and eminently pious and intelligent divines; but what is equally important, form these homes must come the more common populace of the land, upon whose intelligence, patriotism, and purity depends the continuance of the rich blessings which are now common to all. If freedom is kept and sanctified by the people; if the true spirit of Christianity is to be continued, in all its sacred purity, on to our children’s children, even to the latest generation of men, they must be kept inviolate in our families and impressed in our homes. They are both dependant upon the family circle and the training and order administered therein. Then they who would dissolve the marriage rite, with all its hallowed and binding influences, would overthrow everything that is worth living for, and turn society into a bedlam of confusion and moral degradation; for it is the chain that binds the entire network of human society together, in all of its highest prospects, both for time and eternity. There is no civilization equal to it; in fact, there is none without it to the Christian, and there is no Christian civilization without the marriage ceremony, in all of it’s binding and uniting force. In fact, domestic happiness is wholly dependant upon the sanctity of the marriage relation; is an exclusive trait of Christianity; and Christianity is the only system in the world calculated to advance the interests of common humanity, and insure to all equal rights, earthly bliss, and a sweet home forever beyond the narrow limits of the quiet tomb.

What was said of Abraham may be said of every true Christian father: “For I know him, that he will command his children and his household after him; and they shall keep the way of the Lord, to do justice and judgment, that the Lord may bring upon Abraham that which he hath spoken of him.” Happy is that nation whose children are brought up in families like this. There purity, virtue, and true manhood in every principle of justice and mercy will be permanently secured. What an important place, therefore, does the family occupy in the social, moral, and political worlds! Take this away, and the bonds of sacred union is forever dissolved, and the most distressing and deplorable results must follow. Break asunder these centers of holy affections of truth, honor, and purity, and you will fill the land with every enormity, and desolation, the most far-reaching and dreadful, will fill its entire breadth. It is highly important and necessary not only to continue the validity of the marriage rite, upon which the true idea of the family is based, but great care should be exercised to make these homes all that they can and should be made, - the most delightful and enticing places on earth, where everything that is good is encouraged, and everything evil pointed out and discountenanced; for as children leave the parental home they are, to a large extent, molded for life. Orders and correct morals should here receive the proper stamp upon the opening mind. Yes, everything we wish our children to be, in time and eternity, should here be taught and enforced. Then “all thy children shall be taught of the Lord, and great be the peace of thy children.”


At 6:07 AM, Blogger HomesteadHerbs said...

I bet this book isn't mandated reading in the public schools!

It's a good book to have on the bookshelf- putting it on the list to find.

Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

At 9:05 AM, Blogger Dominion Family said...


Would you believe that I have that book and that it has been on a shelf mouldering for many years until yesterday my daughter (10) was sitting on the couch reading it?

I will take this as Providential advice to crack the book more often.

My internet has been down but I am really happy to find your blog, too.


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