26 December 2005



“A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention…”
~Herbert Simon

Having read several good posts on technology it’s application and use over the past several days, caused me to ponder. We are certainly rich beyond our means in a wealth of information with all our resources. A culture with ‘push button’ technology; be it a cell phone, telephone, keyboard, microwave or the multitude of various other “Domestic Servants” at our beckoned call, or virtual ‘snap of the fingers’. To put it one way, “we are blessed to the bridle”!

With all this abundance and given the nature of the season it causes me to think upon the subject of responsibility. In its application and use, the idea of opposite and the “Do Nothing Culture” giving armchair admiration as the sea of humanity parades by becoming less and less humane toward our fellow man. It is the age-old dichotomy selflessness vs. selfishness. How one can have the same tools as another and choose to see them rust, rather than put ‘em to good use or lend them to a neighbor, who in turn could put them to good use ~ rather than rust idle.

The same can be applied to information. The best instruction book in the world, never opened & applied, is as functional and life saving as it is a doorstop. Knowing is not knowledge until it is applied. Guess I’ve got some work to do, that nail left unhammer’d in the household is beckoning me………..(to be continued)


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