17 December 2005

Great News

Great News

“I just saved us a ton of money on car insurance!”
~My Wife

Well as with any subject I like to form my thinking with great quotes I find on a particular subject. Sorry Geico – this one goes to my wife. (and we didn’t use Geico) As I have stated in a previous post, it’s nice to have a Proverbs 31 wife. She is becoming quite adept at practicing frugality in our family economy (still a future topic) and demonstrating her skillfulness in obtaining a good bargain. This week to the tune of, saving over fourteen hundred dollars in car insurance, with a few phone calls. Nice. To understand why this impressed me so much, despite the obvious economic benefit to our family, was that she does not take pleasure in having to contact and speak with people she does not know concerning business matters. Not shy or fearful, just reserved in conversation, that’s all. I of course persevere in encouraging her to be more forthright in dealing with business or economy matters. She is loving and accommodating in my persistence of the matter. It is good to see her success.

As well she has ventured out in what we hope to be a gainful endeavor of starting her own tutoring business this year as well. Touchstone Academic Service ~ “A Foundation for Learning” To say I am quite proud would be understating my admiration for her. She recently completed a four year degree in mathematics this past spring and for a guy who never progressed passed 10th grade math, quote: “Geez she is smart!”

As well, I get wonderful cards like this:

A true “Hallmark” of God’s helpmeet! How fortunate in riches immeasurable is the provision in life of a loving and honorable wife!


At 10:59 AM, Blogger Walter Jeffries said...

Merry Christmas, Scott!
in Vermont

At 7:41 AM, Blogger lala said...

Love your wife note. Thanks for the comment on my blog.


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